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In accordance with the resolution of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 1, 2017 “on the establishment and organization of the Association of Walnut producers and exporters”PP-3025, this association has been established and carried out its activities in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Over the past time, more than 130 farmer farms and entrepreneurs established in the regions of the Republic have joined the association, and nuts, almonds and pistachio plantations have been restored in an area close to ten thousand hectares by them.

Today, they are provided with systematic practical assistance by The Specialists of the Association on the issues of restoration of Walnut plantations by the association, assistance in agrotechnical activities, wide introduction of new innovative technologies into the process of cultivation of nuts, pistachios and almonds.

One of the main tasks of the Association is to provide our country's agriculture, in particular, farming and personal farmland with fast-growing, fertile, frost-resistant, coastal-resistant, white kernels, finely chopped walnut seedlings (at low prices).

In this direction, 65 000 pieces of easily adaptable to the climatic conditions of our country, resistant to diseases and pests, 16 800 pieces of “Chandler” varieties of Walnut seedlings and 40 000 pieces of “Vlach” varieties of Walnut peyvandtag were brought from the state of California to the entrepreneurs and on the basis of these seedlings the Garden was restored in the

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In 2018, 281 thousand Bush from the leading seedlings manufacturers of Spain “VIVEROS VERON”, “AGROMILLORA” and “BETA irrigation” companies of Turkey, “Avijor” and “Guara” varieties of almonds, 750 thousand Bush from the Turkish state “Chandler” varieties of nuts, 31 000 Bush from the US “GREEN TREE NURSERY” and “MICRO PARADOX” companies were imported seeds of two-year-old walnut seedlings and 300 thousand, was delivered to the initiators and the gardens were restored. In August 2018, work on the harvesting of the Chandler variety was carried out fertile, from seeds to cultivated payvandtag. The cultivation of similar paywandts and maternity materials by ourselves, through the effective implementation of paywandling work, contributes to the cheapness of the tannery of quality seedlings, which makes it possible for members of the association to have reliable seedlings at an affordable price.

In 2019, 426 000 almond seedlings from Turkey'S “BETA irrigation”, Spain'S “VIVEROS VERON” and “AGROMILLORA” companies, and 160 000 nuts from the US company “MICRO PARADOX” and the Turkish state were imported and delivered to the initiators. The seedlings of nuts and almonds imported from foreign countries were planted in the regions of the Republic in the regions of Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya, Samarkand, Jizzakh, Tashkent, Fergana, Namangan, Andijan and Navoi. At the same time, negotiations are underway to bring high-yielding and export-oriented varieties of pistachio from the Iranian state.

A number of works have also been carried out in the association to improve the skills of personnel. In this direction, an agreement was signed with the Center for Genomics and bioinformatics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. At the request specified in the terms of the contract, the microbiologist-biotechnologist specialist staff of the association was provided with qualification practice for a period of two months due to the opportunities of the center, in particular, theoretical training, workshop, laboratory training were organized and the knowledge and skills of practitioners of the qualified specialists of the center were improved.

Some of the material techniques of the Center for Genomics and bioinformatics are highly organized, and this modern laboratory has all the equipment, the necessary reagents and materials. At the beginning, the laboratory equipment was used, technical safety, preparation and sterilization of various modified artificial feed environments, laminar boxing procedure, extraction of exposures for reproduction of plants by in vitro method, planting operations on nutrient media were carried out directly in the laboratory and practical skills were formed and special certificates were given to the practitioners.

In January-February 2018, the association's microbiologists, biotechnologists and soil specialists improved their qualifications in the state of Turkey and returned. The leading specialist of the association soil scientist and agrochemistry at the scientific research institute of plant science of the Adana region of Turkey has returned with an improved qualification in the laboratory of Soil Science. In the Erdemli region of Turkey, leading microbiologists and biotechnologists have improved their skills and experience in both microbiology laboratories.

In the laboratory of in vitro fertilization of plants without viruses, clonal, microclonal reproduction, adaptation of in vitro culture to soil conditions, that is, the implementation of the adabtation phase, the preparation of artificial nutrient media and its sterilization, at the same time they returned to the laboratory for their cultivation


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